Fachgruppe Islamwissenschaft

The Fachgruppe is chosen each year by the students of Islamwissenschaft. Our main duties consist of some political responsibilities within the university, but we also organize get-togethers and parties to have a good time.

Our Political responsibilities
The Fachgruppe as the main representation of the students has two important functions: On one hand, we deal in the students' name with the faculty and the rectorate, and on the other hand, we also support the students in their interests and concerns, especially at the start of their studies. 
The Fachgruppe also informs regularly about the current events in our departments, be it in form of an information evening/event or in form of a newsletter per E-mail.

Leisure activities
The Fachgruppe organizes every now and then film evenings (with films from all over the Muslim world), excursions and – of course – our popular parties at the end of the semester.

(To keep yourself up-to-date on our activities and news, please do visit our new blog: fgislamwissenschaft-unibas.blogspot.ch )

If you have any questions about what we do as a Fachgruppe or about studying Islamwissenschaft in general, please feel free to send us an E-mail: fg-islamwissenschaft-at-unibas.ch