International Symposium, 17-19 October 2013

The Ottoman Cataclysm: Its Beginnings

On 17-19 October the international symposium The Ottoman Cataclysm. Its Beginnings took place. The symposium, convened by Hans-Lukas Kieser and Maurus Reinkowski, takes the opportunity of the approaching centenaries in connection with World War One to interpret the 1910s and early 1920s from an Ottoman(ist) perspective. This conference sees itself as an important and illuminating contribution and complement to most of present research on World War One that has thematized this war as the "Urkatastrophe Europas."

The conference is funded by Swiss National Science Foundation, Culturescapes, Osteuropa-Forum Basel, Inter-University Doctoral Program in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (MUBIT)Research Foundation Switzerland-Turkey, and the Seminar of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Basel.

For a full programme see here.